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Questionnaire given to relatives of Athens-based nursing home residents displays favorable results

By Cassie Kelly | January 25, 2013 

Athens’ nursing homes received excellent ratings from their residents’ families, according to the Ohio Department of Aging’s Satisfaction Survey.

The Kimes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and The Laurels of Athens nursing home surpassed the statewide average of 85.6 percent on the survey, making them some of the better nursing homes in the state.

This is the first year both nursing homes were ranked on the survey. More than 27,000 family members and 948 homes in Ohio participated.

The Kimes Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, located on Kimes Lane in Athens, scored 93.8 on the survey, which was based on the quality of the staff, level of care the residents receive, the activities offered and the home’s environment.

The survey was intended to provide information for those looking for quality care for their family members. They also provided an opportunity for homes to receive a “quality point” for a reimbursement program Medicaid used to reward the quality of nursing homes.

Kimes’ score earned the home spot on the Top 25 Ohio Nursing Homes for Family Satisfaction.

“We call all our people family, whether they are a resident or staff member or visitor,” said Laura Buckley, an administrator at Kimes.

Kimes had high participation for the survey.

“We are pretty excited about it and proud of our staff, because it has a lot to do with our staff’s performance and our staff’s care and interest in their jobs,” Buckley said.

The Laurels of Athens, located on Columbus Road, scored well on the survey, too. The facility opened in December 2011, and only half of it was up and running when the survey was conducted. The facility scored 87.4 on the survey.

“We were taking care of brand-new guests with a brand-new staff in a brand-new building, so there was a lot of opportunity for things not to go well,” said Shaun Gentner, the administrator at The Laurels. “But it’s good to see that things went well onour end, and people are saying that it did go well.”

The Laurels offers a progressive activities program for residents, Gentner said.

Bill Bias, current Athens County treasurer and longtime nursing home consultant, said that both nursing homes do an excellent job, especially regarding all the caregivers who work for the homes.

“It is a very good job that they do, and it’s generally underappreciated and underpaid in our society,” Bias said. “I think this reflects very well on the caregivers, and I consider them angels.”

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